the frog detective

Grace Bruxner Presents:
A Frog Detective Game

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koala floatingfrog walkingsheep swaying
There's something fishy going on here... Is this island REALLY haunted or is there something even MORE sinister afoot? Or something even LESS sinister? Find out in the newest (and currently the only) adventure in the Frog Detective series!

Play as the freshest frog in the pond and find the secret of The Haunted Island. Using your extreme investigation skills, question suspects and find clues to get to the bottom of this spooky and mysterious mystery.

The Haunted Island is a first person 3D detective game coming to Mac and PC. It's gonna be really good. Trust me, I'm making it and I'm really good at making videogames.

"Really good" - Grace Bruxner
"A great mystery game... Will age really well..." - Grace Bruxner
"Best game I done made yet" - Grace Bruxner
"Amazing graphics... Next gen... Cool..." - Grace Bruxner

Listen nobody has reviewed this game yet so I dont have anyone to quote